Pin Albums, Drawers, and Trays

Pin collection albums and display cases for protection and enjoyment of your collection.

All materials that comes in contact with your pin collection are archival quality and are 100% free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents) and free of stearates.

Just stick the pin onto the heavy duty 4-hole pin album pages, covered with royal blue velvet. The velvet covered pages and are each covered with a fully transparent interleaving.

SAFE Collecto Straight Pin Album
Code: SA480-5510
Price: $49.99
SAFE Wooden Display Case for Pins
Code: SA5866
Price: $49.99
SAFE Stackable Pin Drawer
Code: SA6460
Price: $34.99
SAFE Collecto Button Pin Pages (pkg of 3)
Code: SA5460
Price: $12.99
SAFE Compact Safety Pin Pages (3)
Code: SA5510
Price: $12.99
SAFE Compact Button Pin Pages (Pkg of 5)
Code: SA7861
Price: $15.99