Spring Action Approval Cards

A convenient and easy way for dealers and collectors to securely store and/or display their stamps. Our approval cards hold single stamps, pairs, plate blocks etc. With crystal clear spring action strips welded onto heavy black foil backplate. These cards are 100% free of plasticizers.

We also offer the cardstock backed cards from Lighthouse and Lindner, also featuring archival safe spring action clear strips.

SAFE Approval Cards - 1 strip black (pkg 100)
Code: SA741SP
Price: $17.99
SAFE Approval Cards - 1 strip black (pkg 500)
Code: SA741SP-500
Price: $79.99
SAFE Approval Cards - 2 strip black (pkg 100)
Code: SA742SP
Price: $21.99
SAFE Approval Cards - 2 Strip Black (pkg 500)
Code: SA742SP-500
Price: $98.99
SAFE Approval Card (pkg 500)
Code: SA841SP-500
Price: $98.99
LINDNER 2-Pocket Approval Card
Code: LN752
Price: $23.99
Lindner 2-Pocket Approval Cards
Code: LN752S
Price: $23.99